Journal Entry Import

eZ Import enables users to:
  • Review Journal Entry(s) from the CSV file.
  • Select entry values for Account, debit/credit amount, Memo, Name, Billable and Class from dropdown lists populated from QuickBooks.
  • Validate data directly from QuickBooks List
  • Import Journal Entries into QuickBooks Timesheets.

Journal Entry Import Window

Timesheet Import Window
*Please note, your window might have different columns based upon the File Mapping you selected.

Within the Journal Entry Import Window, there is grid showing all the journal entry(s) in the import file. Any of the values for the journal entries may be updated through drop-downs or typing information. If the description of the items (account, class, name) in the Journal Entry do not match QuickBooks, create a one-time mapping which will translate the description going forward.

Once all the information has been set for the Journal Entry to be imported, click the Import into QuickBooks button. The Journal Entry will be imported. If there is an error with an entry, the time entry will be marked in red. Click the Status cell for that time entry to get details.Fix the error and attempt the import again which will only import the ones with errors.


The window contains the following elements:

Element Description
Select New File menu button Opens the Select Import File window to let you choose a new file
Tools->Create/Edit Mappings menu button Opens the Data Mappings window to setup a mapping
Validate button Validates all list data in the grid. Sets any cell with invalid data to red.
Export button Exports the Journal Entry to Excel with the list dropdowns.
Journal Entries table This table displays the time entries contained in the import file.
Import to QuickBooks button Imports all journal Entries into QuickBooks
Exit menu button Exits the application.

Timesheet Import File Mappings

The following outlines the data elements which are supported by eZ Import when importing from a file.

ElementData TypeSizeRequiredDescription
DateDateFalseDate of Journal Entry
Ref NoString11FalseJournal Number
AdjustmentBooleanFalseIs this an Adjustment
NameString209FalseEntity to apply journal entry
Credit AmountDecimalFalseCredit Amount
Debit AmountDecimalFalseDebit Amount
ClassString41FalseClass of Line Item
MemoString4095FalseMemo for line entry
BillableBooleanFalseIs line billable to Name. Name must be a customer.


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