Importing QIF files into QuickBooks

eZ Import products can read virtually any file type (QIF, QFX, OFX, CSV or XLS) and import it directly into QuickBooks in just a few simple clicks.

If you’re a QuickBooks user, you know that balancing the books every month is time consuming. Especially if you have to manually enter your bank data into QuickBooks because your bank only supports Quicken (QIF, QFX), MS Money (OFX) or Excel (CSV, XLS) downloads of your banking transactions. Who has time for that?

Thousands of Small Businesses, Accountants and Banks use eZ Import products because it not only speeds importing into QuickBooks, but it also reduces data errors. eZ Import products ensure your transactions get into QuickBooks accurately and without duplicating data.

What else can eZ Import products do?

  • Translates your bank data into QuickBooks data
    When you download the CSV, XLS, QIF, OFX, or QFX file from your bank, some of the transaction data in the file will not match your data in QuickBooks, such as your vendors or customers. eZ Import products are fully integrated with QuickBooks, allowing the software to simply translate your transaction data to your QuickBooks data.
  • Compares data between your bank file and QuickBooks to prevent duplication
    eZ Import products can identify possible data entry duplication by comparing your banking transactions in QuickBooks with transactions in the import file (CSV, XLS, QIF, OFX, or QFX).
  • Allows you to manage how and what data is imported into QuickBooks
    Most file importers or converters import all of your transactions versus picking and choosing the ones you want imported. eZ Import products provides an interface that displays all the transactions within your Excel (CSV, XLS), Quicken (QIF, QFX) or MS Money (OFX) file, but allows you to only import the transactions you want.
  • Provides real-time “transactions imported” notifications
    eZ Import products’ interface allows you to see which transactions imported successfully and which ones had errors (and correct them), instead of having to find them once they are imported into QuickBooks.
eZ Account Import

Easily import bank accounts data into QuickBooks Desktop or Online as checks, deposit, payments received or bill payments.

eZ Credit Card Import

Quickly import credit card charges and credits into QuickBooks Desktop or Online.

eZ Import

Quickly and simply import Invoices, Jounal Entries, Time Sheets, Payments and much MORE into QuickBooks Desktop.


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