Simple QuickBooks Apps for Banking and Importing

We embed banking into QuickBooks allowing Small Businesses to bank where they manage their finances. Our solutions are easy to setup for our banks and their clients and even simpler to use.

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Embedded Banking and Importing for QuickBooks

Explore embedded banking functions for QuickBooks

QuickBooks Apps for Small Business

Simple to use Apps with a rich set of features for streamlining processes. Whether it is importing transactions into QuickBooks or exporting data to your Bank we have it covered.

  • NACHA / ACH File from QuickBoooks

    Effortlessly generate NACHA / ACH files from QuickBooks Desktop or Online with eZ Payment

  • Bank Statement Import

    eZ Account Import provides a simple and quick way to import and reconcile bank statement from QIF, QFX, OFX, CSV or Excel files into QuickBooks

  • Credit Card Statement Import

    eZ Credit Card Import provides a simple and quick way to import one to thousands of Credit Card transactions into QuickBooks from CSV, Excel and QIF files.

  • Invoice Import

    Simply import CSV / Excel files of Invoice data into QuickBooks with eZ Import.

  • Journal Entry Import

    eZ Import provides a simple way to import Journal Entries into QuickBooks from CSV or Excel files.

  • Positive Pay

    eZ Positive Pay provides a simple and quick way to create Positive Pay files from QuickBooks and upload to your Bank.

Simple to Impelement and Use QuickBooks Apps

Simple to implement and Easier to use

We remove the biggest barrier to use. We make it easy for your Bank and your clients to get started and to use our QuickBooks apps. With a couple of clicks, a client can start originating ACH from QuickBooks and send your Bank payments.

Superior Support

We provide timely and simple support to your clients. Through phone, email or screen sharing we ensure clients are trained and supported.

Superior Support for QuickBooks Apps

We know QuickBooks

We bring over 15 years of experience helping Small Business integrate QuickBooks with Banks. Four out of the five largest Banks in the US recommend us to their clients. No other partner has the experience we do in QuickBooks and Banking.