Positive Pay Embedded in QuickBooks

We provide your clients a simple process to generate Positive Pay files from QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online.

Embedding Positive Pay File within QuickBooks
Simple Positive Pay File generation from QuickBooks

Simple to implement and Easier to use

We remove the biggest barrier to use. We make it easy for your Bank and your clients to get started and to use our QuickBooks apps. With a couple of clicks, a client can start sending Positive Pay files to your Bank.

Robust Feature Set

Embedded within QuicKbooks is a rich set of features for Positive Pay.

  • Fully Integrated with QuickBooks

    Pulls check Register from QuickBooks including the Name on Check for Payee Validation

  • Remembers Previous Exports

    Just pulls new checks issued and previously exported voided checks

  • Direct Upload to Bank

    Supports direct upload from application to Bank (requires support by Bank)

  • Ignore Non-Check payments

    Ignores any check in QB that does not have valid Check Number

  • Supports Multiple Accounts

    Generate files from different QuickBooks Desktop or Online bank accounts, company files or destination banks

Secure ACH File generation from QuickBooks

Designed with Security from the Start

Our QuickBooks apps are run locally on your client's computer so data is stored and secured on their systems. The system has robust auditing features built into the critical tasks.

Superior Support

We provide timely and simple support to your clients. Through phone, email or screen sharing we ensure clients are trained and supported.

Superior Support for ACH/NACHA file generation from QuickBooks
15+ years of QuickBooks integration experience

We know QuickBooks

We bring over 15 years of experience helping Small Business integrate QuickBooks with Banks. Four out of the five largest Banks in the US recommend us to their clients. No other partner has the experience we do in QuickBooks and Banking.