What does your Vendor Payment Analysis process say about your bank?

Lost Purchasing Card Sales

Opportunity Lost?

Today most banks are asking QuickBooks clients to manually generate reports from QuickBooks, merge results and format to their specifications. Not simple or automated and very time consuming! The result of this process is sales officers skip working with QuickBooks clients or prospects bail before ever being qualified.

How import is this segment? One Bank client has used our Vendor Payment Analysis tool to close over 400 purchasing card clients with monthly average monthly spend of $77K. In the group multiple clients have grown to be much more than a small business. One of the 400 now has revenue over $1B, others over $100M. If you wait until they are $1B company, how easy is the sale? Can you afford not to go after the market?

Simple Solution

Our Vendor Payment Report App, automates the creation of the payment analysis report. With 3 easy steps, your client can provide you with report to start the qualification process. See how simple it can be!

  • 1Download and Install App
  • 2Connect to QuickBooks
  • 3Run and export Report
Secure ACH File generation from QuickBooks

Designed with Security from the Start

Our QuickBooks apps are run locally on your client's computer so data is stored and secured on their systems. The system has robust auditing features built into the critical tasks.

We know QuickBooks

We bring over 15 years of experience helping Small Business integrate QuickBooks with Banks. Four out of the five largest Banks in the US recommend us to their clients. No other partner has the experience we do in QuickBooks and Banking.