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Simply create Positive Pay files from QuickBooks

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Bank Statement Import into QuickBooks

eZ Positive Pay Import provides a simple and quick way to create Positive Pay files from QuickBooks and upload to your Bank. Get up and running in minutes! Want help? Contact us for outstanding support via email, phone or screen share!

Simple 2 Step Process to Generate Positive Pay Files from QuickBooks
Review Transactions

Review checks issued in QuickBooks from last export forward and export transactions

Upload Transactions

Upload file to your Bank Positive Pay module

eZ Positive Pay
Robust Feature Set
Bank Statement Import into QuickBooks
  • Fully Integrated with QuickBooks

    Pulls checks, bill payment checks and payroll checks from QuickBooks with Vendor information (Name on Check)

  • Remembers Previous Exports

    Just pulls new checks issued and previously exported voided checks

  • Direct Upload to Bank

    Supports direct upload from application to Bank (requires support by Bank)

  • Ignore Non-Check payments

    Ignores any check in QB that does not have valid Check Number

  • Supports Multiple Accounts

    Generate files from different QuickBooks bank accounts, company files or destination banks

eZ Positive Pay pricing

$215 Annually includes:

  • Support via email, phone and screen-share
  • Updates to Application
  • Installation for 2 Users/Computers
  • unconditional 100% money-back guarantee
15+ years of QuickBooks integration experience

We know QuickBooks

We bring over 15 years of experience helping Small Business integrate QuickBooks with Banks. Four out of the five largest Banks in the US recommend us to their clients. No other partner has the experience we do in QuickBooks and Banking.