eZ Payment for ACH Support

Configuring Payees for ACH

eZ Payment provides a mechanism to add ACH payment details to QuickBooks vendors, other names, customers and employees since QuickBooks does not have fields for this information. In order to setup a payee for ACH, you will need the following pieces of information for the vendor:
  • Bank Name
  • Bank Routing Number
  • Bank Account Type
  • Bank Account Number
  • Vendor Type
  • Vendor Contact-Can be department or Vendor itself
The following outlines how to enter this information into eZ Payment so a payee can be sent payments via ACH.

Configuring Payees for ACH

Step 1: Launch eZ Payment from your desktop.

Launch eZ Payment

Launch eZ Payment Shortcut

Step 2: Select the Bank account you want to configure Payees.

Select Account

Setup QuickBooks Online Edition Connection window

Step 3: Under the Tools Menu select the Manage Payees option.

Select Manage Payees

Setup QuickBooks Online Edition Connection window

Step 4: The Payee Setup window will be displayed with all payees in QB.

Payee List Window

Setup Payee List window

Step 5: Find the payee you want to configure and select ‘Yes’ for enable inclusion in ACH file generation and enter ACH payment Information (Bank Name, Routing Number, Vendor Type, Account Type, Account Number and Contact are required).

Enable Payee

Enable Payee for ACH payment

Step 6: When you the leave a row for a Payee you will be prompted to confirm any changes in the bank routing number or bank account.

Confirm Payee Bank Information

Confirm Payee Bank Information window

Step 7: Continue with any additional Payees.

Step 8: Click Save button to save changes.

Save Payee Configu Changes

Save Payee Config Changes

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