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eZ Account Import FAQ

Here you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions that we receive about eZ Account Import.
General Questions
All Banks! eZ Payment generates a NACHA Formatted file. This is a standard used by all banks in the US. All you require from your bank is the ability to upload this file.
QuickBooks® Pro, Premier, Enterprise 2016-2022, QuickBooks® Online Edition(requires Windows 10).
You only need Internet access for QuickBooks® Online Edition. However, in order for the application to register, set the activation key and to verify subscriptions, you are required to have Internet access at the time.
No unfortunately it is not compatible with MAC.

Generating ACH File
eZ Payment generates a NACHA complient ACH file. This is a fixed field data file.
Yes, as long as you have not already uploaded the file to your bank. The application by default will not show any already exported transactions. However, you can select to show previously exported transactions and select them export along with the forgotten transactions.
During configuring, you selected to be warned when payments are made and a payee has not been assigned in the application. If you select Yes on the warning, you can configure that vendor to either be an ACH vendor or to never be sent ACH.

Configuring Payees
In order to send ACH payments, you need to enter Bank Name, Bank Routing Number, Bank Account Number, Account Type, Payee Type and Contact for Payee.
No. You have control of which vendors are included in the payment files.
By default, the application is configured to only pull Vendors for Payees. However, it can pull Vendors, Customers, Other Names and Employees for payments. Click here for How-To on configuring accounts.

Sending Remittance Emails
Yes, click here to get insructions of resending emails.
First, the account needs to be configured to send emails to Payees. See account configuration for details. Second, the vendor needs to have an email set. This can be configured in QuickBooks or eZ Payment (setting up Payees).
Click here to see a sample remittance email.
The Subject, Header, Footer, from email address, and return email can be configured; click here to see. The Header and Footer can be HTML encode. To find out how to configure emails please see Account Configuration Help.

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